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Tzangeni - About us

About us

Tzangeni, an Article 21 company, was founded in 1999 and the security estate development kicked off in 2000. The initial town planning made provision for a street behind Tzangeni, in front of Water Affairs Offices to be extended and eventually connect with Perry Joint street. This would have resulted in Tzangeni reaching to the end of Voortrekker Ave and the gate to the dam to be locked. That never materialised and in 2003 the H.O.A. decided to build a wall on opposite sides of the main road through Tzangeni. This led to the various smaller developments within the estate, each with its own gate. The first house in Tzangeni was built in 2001 and after the wall was erected in 2003 houses went up one after another.

The concept of a security estate in small towns is quite foreign. A set of rules form part of the title act and each and every owner signs that they will abide by the rules of Tzangeni. Many owners don't understand that you cannot always do as you wish in a security estate. One of the rules that causes frustration is that owners have 2 years after registering a property to complete their house, of which 9 months is given for building.
Owners don't always understand that you can't just build on, erect outside structures or just paint your house any colour you wish, without the commitee's permission. All building plans first need to be handed in with the committee to be approved before it can be handed in to the Municipality for final approval. Contravention of our rules will lead to action to be taken. The committee endeavours to assist owners in solving problems. Fines are given as a last resort.

Tzangeni remains one of the most popular areas to live in Tzaneen.
Here we all know each other and reach out a hand of friendship to a neighbour in need or just a hand of friendship.
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